Why good web hosting support is essential for web hosting companies?

When it comes to online business we always think about building a good website. As there are multiple website builders available, it’s not that tough to build a website on your own. Then where you need assistance? you need to choose a good Webhost to keep your site online 24/7. There are lots of Webhosts available then how you choose one?

Here comes the review/rating they get for their support. So do Webhosting support really matters? I would definitely say Yes..!

Then how you evaluate a Webhost?

Webhost who works 24/7 will help you in resolving any hosting related issues all day around. But the thing is most of the Webshot provides 24/7 support, then whats the difference between them? here come their technical skills. Usually, the hosting support companies give few SLA, that includes,

1. Initial response time
2. Resolution time
3. Technical skills of their team

So any host which gives minimum 20 minutes initial response will be having a good team structure to handle the issues.

Here comes the main question, why a good hosting support is essential?

There is only one answer to this question, ‘no one likes their hosting down for a single minute’. If your sites go offline for a minute could mean losing another potential customer. So it must have a good, fast, knowledgeable support team on your side to handle worst case scenarios. So if you get a satisfying answer for few questions about hosting support, then that’s the better way to choose a hosting support.

1. Can you phone them? At what times?
2. Do they have a support email address?
3. Do they have a ticket system?
4. What’s their promised response time?
5. How about a live chat?
6. Do they have a wiki or library of help articles/tutorials?

If you have a good support team behind your hosting then your online business will remain online without any interruption.

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